Over the course of 2005-2008, I assisted Art Asylum in designing production control art for various projects, most notably their Minimates line. This involved illustrating turnaround views for every element of the figure that was to be included in the final retail product, along with any surface artwork that needed to be applied to the form itself.

With that in mind, Brainiac-13 is my pride and joy of the early waves of DC Minimates. I was allowed to see the concept art through from start to finish, and I feel he helps show off my own strengths when it comes to Minimate design: cramming in a lot of detail into a tiny format. Although I had originally intended for the chest piece to be a bit more angular, and the tentacles to arc up a bit higher, I can’t complain. I’m most pleased with the emotionless expression on his face and the overall larger format of the base figure. I know some Minimate purists prefer a strict 2″ scale, but I think the added height really adds to the overall figure.

DC Wave2: Brainiac-13 Minimate Design (Control Art Only) - by Matt 'Iron-Cow' Cauley

While the photos shown here on the site represent the finished figure, it should be noted that I contributed the control art only. As with all of the Minimate projects, there were many talented people involved: production managers, sculptors, other designers… This figure was very much a team effort, and the finished product reflects the contributions of many individuals.

Released 3/28/2007


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