Originally, Eobard Thawne was a criminal from the 25th century, who found a time capsule containing the Silver Age Flash’s costume. He was able to use a machine to amplify the suit’s speed energy, giving himself the abilities of the Flash as long as he wore it. In the process, the colors of the costume reversed, the suit becoming yellow, the boots and lightning bolt highlights red, and the chest symbol’s white circle becoming black. He used his speed powers to commit crimes, but was stopped by the Flash, who had travelled forwards in time.

Blaming the Flash for his defeat, Thawne began traveling back in time to gain revenge, using his knowledge of “history” to his advantage. He also became obsessed with “replacing” Barry Allen, not only as the Flash, but as the husband of Iris West.

– From Wikipedia

I blame Anubis8 for this piece. His love for all things Flash is infectious!

Anyway, the Professor Zoom custom began a few years back. I had taken a liking to the DC Direct “Rebirth” Hal Jordon figure and saw this as a potentially great generic base figure for several projects. I removed the Hal Jordon headsculpt (which found its way onto my Earth-2 Robin piece), and then began sanding down the surface details on the figure. Magic Sculpt was used to fill in the seams of the original costume while I used red vinyl to form the bands of red lightning. The headsculpt is taken from a Marvel Legends Scorpion figure. It needed some reworking, but I love the intensity of the expression.

Ideally, the Professor Zoom should have been a super-articulated figure, but I like the lean, taut musculature of the Hal Jordon sculpt. It creates a nice tension of the character right before he zooms into action.

Created Summer 2008

Featured in CustomCon 21


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